Museum of Boskovice region

The history of the Museum of Boskovice region is connected with activities of the first Museum club and the museum of the town founded in 1905. Nowadays, activities of our museum can be divided into popularization, research and creating collections - especially archeological, historical and etnological.

Residence of nobility

Exhibition 1 - Through the landscape of a seven-pronged comb

Visitors are introduced into nature and landscape, prehistory and history of the town of Boskovice as well as into this region from prehistorical times to the present day.

Exhibition 2 - Fairy tales and legends

The exhibition shows local fairy tales and legends, which used to be spread orally for many generations and started to be collected during the 19th century. Visitors can read them, listen to them in the local dialect or try a puppet show. 

Synagogue Maior and Mikveh

Thanks to its paintings, the Synagogue is a unique monument and a landmark of the Jewish town as well as of the whole town of Boskovice. An exhibition showing the history of the local Jewish community can be found inside. Close to the synagogue, we can visit the Jewish ritual bath, so-called Mikveh.

Jewish Municipal House

The house used to be one of the centres of the Jewish community's life since the first third of the 19th century. There was not only the administrative centre but also a school or Matzah bakery. Nowadays, visitors should go there if they want to know more about the history of Jewish towns in Czech lands. They can also have some idea how the equipment of Rabbi's house or Matzah bakery could look like.

Exhibition of historical agricultural machines

This exhibition shows us the collection of tractors, agricultural tools, lokomobilas and stable engines.